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Professional Services

Professional Services is a design and build function for implementation of business requirements powered by technology and backed by effective project managment.

You can enage us in any of our services; that are just right for you:

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Managed Operations

Today’s fast moving ICT world has witnessed tremendous increase in IP Infrastructure Complexity which requires greater need for services due to more layer components & applications. What if with our Managed Operations help you get these services by not spending “more”?

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Value Added Reselling (VAR)

We add value by selling high technology products backed with skilled and low cost deployment and support. These are all premesis based solution and not hosted based. Please see below specialized VAR solutions that we offer:

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Training & Capacity Building

With a  ready pool of  in-house  technological and human  resource available, NETS stands out  in  the crowd as  the  foremost  trainer  for new age  telecom professionals  in  focused  technology areas such as Unified Communications, Routing & Switching, Data Centers, Network Security, WiMAX and GPON.

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